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Certified Broadcast Meteorologist  | Emmy Award Winner  | Ivy League Academic  | 5 time Marathoner  | Body for
Life Champion
| MLS Sideline Reporter  | Forecaster for NFL Teams  | Professional Speaker

Amy Freeze has been a broadcast meteorologist in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver and
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Welcome to "Weather Outside Your Front Door," a series of experiments that teach you how to measure the
weather. Become a weathercaster and record your own data! Gauge the rain, watch the wind, track the
temperature, and see pressure change with your own homemade devices. Taking measurements of temperatures,
moisture, wind and pressure helps predict the weather and, this data can also teach you a lot about the

Remember, the better you understand the atmosphere, the better you will become at predicting it! And, it can all
begin with "
Weather Outside Your Front Door".

For more than a decade Amy Freeze has been broadcasting weather predictions.  But the relationship has not been
one-sided.  Viewers return with their own weather story in the form of pictures.  They send their favorite sunrise.  
They send pictures of cloud formations they’ve never seen.  The perfect storm they caught on camera.  A photo
of the elements they battled while on vacation.  Whatever they witness, they shoot it and send it.  Capturing
much more than the forecast - they bear witness of the weather as it is happening.  And every weather picture
tells its own story.  Amy Freeze has created  a new web page (
coming soon) as a way for users to get a zip code
based forecast and share the weather for… wherever you went, wherever you’re going and wherever you wish
you were!
Storm Water Action Alert Program

Amy Freeze created the Storm Water Action Alert Program through her environmental research.  The Storm Water
Action Alert is a warning system designed for communities with storm water drainage issues.  The alert asks users
to take action to ration water usage, redirect water flow, and reduce runoff.  The Alert Program is currently
under review and is expected to be in a pilot use in 2011.
Here are PDF links to Amy's original research projects.

Storm Water Action Alert Program
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