Freeze Frame

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Freeze Frame
Yes, it’s my real last name. My father is Mr. Freeze but not the guy from Batman. I have nine nieces and they call me Auntie-Freeze. I suppose I could have developed my own ice cream label or become a police officer, “FREEZE!” The point is, I was born this way and talking about the weather became my destiny!

I grew up in the Midwest in Jeffersonville, Indiana as the oldest of five daughters.  My great Grandfather was a sharecropper in Colorado. My great great great Grandmother was a pioneer who walked from Illinois to Wyoming after arriving in America on a ship that landed in Boston (from Europe.) I grew up loving school, church, sports and friends.  I attended college on a cheerleading scholarship.  After graduation, I got my first TV job and have lived in 5 states for various parts of my career.  Currently I live in Manhattan, NY and I am the mother of 4 children.

My weather experience expands coast to coast forecasting. Live coverage ranging from ice storms, to blizzards, to heat waves and of course, storm chasing tornados and hurricanes. I am prepared to deliver weather messages with accuracy– whether it’s a call to action or a calming voice.

Amy Freeze
Amy Freeze

Outside the studio I have given forecasts of tropical storm force winds from the Verrazano Bridge to 50,000 Marathoners and then joined them for the 26.2 mile race.

I have broadcast from hot air balloons in New Jersey, fighter jets over Jones Beach, and my personal favorite — I forecasted the weather live on Soldier Field during the coldest Chicago Bears Game in NFL history with a temperature of 7 degrees, wind chill of -13. 12/22/2008.

Beyond tv weather forecasts, I have delivered talks to tens of thousands of school children across the country. I have given guest lectures to first responders and meteorologists for more than a decade. For me, forecasting is a conversation that everyone can join!

I like talking to people in person and on TV. I find I can relate to almost anyone because I understand first-hand real-life experiences that we all must balance from relationships to parenting. My job is special but I am just like everyone else with life events, challenges, disappointments, joys, and much more.

My goals in my education and my professional life have produced unique opportunities and special experiences that I love sharing with others. I’ve also had many relatable life events that are right in-line with people from all walks of life. Some of these realities include — marriage at a young age, becoming a mother at the age of 22, expanding my family through adoption, providing care to family members in health crisis, raising kids and pets in New York City, achieving successes that were not always available to women, transitioning to single motherhood as a sole provider, experiencing culture and religious bias, and finding love after 40.

I’ve done a lot of exciting things from swimming with sharks to jumping out of an airplane in Hawaii. I have even tried stand up comedy and ballroom dancing— and I’ve learned that ALL of these things, like almost anything you can think of in life— relates to weather.

Some of the coolest things that have happened to me: flying with the Blue Angels, being a question on Jeopardy, appearing in a movie as myself, and being voted “Best Forecaster in NYC” by viewers!

Amy Freeze

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