Dancing with the Stars of Chicago

The very popular reality TV show “Dancing with the Stars” has a knock off in Chicago. Only it’s not aimed at getting TV viewers – it’s a chance to raise money for preemie babies and the “March of Dimes.”

Not all of us have the gift of music. Or Dance, or a como of the two. I do not carry a tune well and keeping a beat or soft shoe – let alone try the rumba – these would be opportunities I would normally side step.

But my daughter Kate was born premature and she was in the hospital for weeks after her birth before she could come home! All kinds of scary health risks – a hole in her heart, low birth rate, and more! She came out a beautiful and healthy baby due to the hard work of doctors, new research, and support of organizations like “March of Dimes.”

So when they invited me to dance with a professional in the local Chicago “Dancing with the Stars” and said it would be an event dedicated to charity. I accepted.

I was trained by a 19-year-old Russian Dancer. I had two left feet. But I practiced a lot. We did the cha cha and the salsa. We won! And raised a lot of money for charity.

I’m so glad I tried it. People ask if I can dance now… I can – only if Dimitry is around to do all the work! WATCH MY CHANCE AT Dancing with the stars.

Amy Freeze - Dancing with the Stars

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