Marathon Mom

NBA Basketball Pro Amare Stoudemire is not the only athlete in his family – his wife and mother of their 4 children is taking on the TCS NYC Marathon this year. Amy Freeze joined his her for a run in Central Park to hear about her training.

Athletics is nothing new for their family but – now the spotlight is on Alexis Stoudemire – who is literally turning in to a marathoning mom! “I have four children ages 9 8 6 and 16 months… I take the kids to school and then I’m running, literally running, after wards,” says Alexis.

Her training includes weekend training runs including all the ins and outs of marathoning from chaffing to goos. It’s a brand new sport mixed in with her duties as a supportive wife and doting mother – she’s pounding the pavement to help others!

“My gf Amber Sabathia whose husband plays for the NY Yankees signed me up!” Alexis said. To run for charity! What started as a way to raise money for the Sabitha’s inner city youth charity became a Bucket list item!

Amber Sabathia and Alexis

Alexis was an athlete growing up – but that was before babies and being and adult life took over! Now, she admits training is tough! “Its one of the hardest things i’ve ever done the discipline waking up and setting a schedule – figuring out when I can run.”

amare stoudemier at home

After years on the sidelines encouraging Amare – she says her husband has become her biggest cheerleader – Watching over the kids while she does long runs on Sundays – and of course he gives her recovery tips! “He knows how to recover rest and taught me to ice epson massage eat correctly have to recover –enough rest!” And it’s all paying off!

Alexis said “I feel good about myself and I feel lean and healthy!! It’s something that i’ve never done before so that is the joy I’m getting out of it!
Goodluck – see you at the startline Alexis.

Amare and Alexis

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