Remembering Dick Clark

Along with forecasting the weather over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to host shows and work on special projects! (My first job in TV was as an entertainment reporter for a live, local show in Portland, OR!) One of the biggest thrills on those special assignments was a TV interview with Dick Clark. He was making the interview possible to discuss his charitable work with the American Diabetes Organization. Clark was recently diagnosed and he was not letting the opportunity to help others slip by him.

Remembering Dick Clark

This photo is from when I met and interviewed Mr. Dick Clark in April 2004 while hosting “10!” on WCAU NBC 10. I’ll never forget him sharing his “Philadelphia” stories – including of his neighbor “Ed McMahan” who talked him into going to the American Bandstand host auditions… Clark said he had at first brushed Ed off telling him he already had a great gig on radio. But at Ed’s persistence he went and the rest is history! Clark was so charming and his delightful wife Kari was lovely visiting with the entire crew during their visit.

The timing of the interview happened just weeks after his Diabetes diagnosis was happening — he had joined forces with the American Diabetes Association. During the interview we discussed the increased awareness for connecting diabetes to the possibility of stroke… just a few months later Mr. Clark suffered a stroke himself.

He made so many people smile! RIP #DickClark

Dick Clark’s final New Years Eve in Times Square was my first time to see the ball drop in person… it was a thrill #2012

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