Setting Goals

When I embarked on a TV career, one of the goals I set was to be on network television before I was 30 years old.

I put it in writing where I looked at it on a regular basis.

I had written down my goals and hung them up since I was in high school!

There’s the old adage “Seeing is Believing” and for me – visually reminding myself of my objectives was powerful. If I saw it as a goal, a possibility – I believed it was possible.

In my late 20s I was hired at WCAU in Philadelphia which is a NBC owned and operated TV station. I had a very cool boss Chris Blackman. He is a competitive newsman. I learned a lot from him. About curiosity. About making things happen by interacting with others. And about how hard work leads to great opportunities! About 6 months shy of my 30th birthday I got the invite to go to NYC and fill in doing the weather forecast for the whole country on “Weekend Today.” It was a big thrill to get the opportunity. Live on the Plaza. Lester Holt, Natalie Morales, and Amy Robach were on the news desk.

Over the years, I would get more opportunities

Here’s a clip from New York when I was a fill in on “Good Morning America” in 2015 on Times Square:

Amy Freeze - Lara Spencer and Amy Robach at Good Morning America

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